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Stamp of familiarization with this User Agreement (the Agreement), you accept Rules work VideoMaster site (hereinafter - BM), confirm that an adult capable citizen / citizen of the country and you have no formal obstacles / limitations to the conclusion of the Agreement, you conclude The agreement, to which the applicable rules of Sec. 37 of the Civil Code. In addition, in accordance with Article 9 of the FZ-152 of 27.06.2006 "On Personal Data", and in the case of permanent residence on the territory of the European Union - Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (Strasbourg, 28 January 1981 g), (hereinafter - the Convention), ratified by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation-160 from 19.12.2005 and entered into force for the Russian Federation of 09.01.2013, by virtue of paragraphs "a", "b" of paragraph 1 of the Federal Law 160-by. 19.12.2005g. "On ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data", you consent to the personal / confidential data processing (collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating, modification, use, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, introduction of electronic database). Convention does not apply to personal data processed by natural persons exclusively for personal and family needs; as well as to referred to the state secret in accordance with the procedure established by the RF legislation on state secrets.

By entering into the Agreement you warrant that you place with the video as a whole, and the individual elements are not subject to copyrights / exclusive rights of third parties, and the resulting use of the VM video product services to be used by you only for personal use without commercial interest, for video products except for "Infomercial" and "company Presentation".

BM reserves the right to unilaterally change the text of this Agreement, to modify / optimize the interface of the site, adding new links, options and services, delete or modify the available options and services that change the cost of creating video product.

The agreement is a document between you as a natural person or legal entity (hereinafter user or customer) and the company OOO Sport agency "Sportmenedzhment Perm" (the Company or rightholder) concerning the conditions of use of online -Service (the Service), hosted on the website http : //www.videomaster.org/ for the manufacture of the finished video product video User.

1. General Provisions.

eleven. Software services software, all printed materials, all network and electronic documentation, the products derived from them, as well as other elements contained in the Agreement, together hereinafter referred to as service.

12. The service is intended for use in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. Any reproduction, use or redistribution of the Service not expressly authorized by the terms of the Agreement prohibited.

13. Copyright holders Agreement gives the User, and the User, having carried out the registration on the website of the Rightholder https://www.videomaster.org/ taking Agreement, receives the right to use the Service on the terms set out in Section 4 of the Agreement and the rules of the VM operation. If the user in accordance with the laws of his state are prohibited from using the service or there are other legal restrictions, including restrictions on the age of admission to such services, the User shall not use the Service and agrees to immediately discontinue use of the Service.

14. The purpose of use of the Service is to synchronize, edit, add, delete, backup data and files of the User.

15. The user agrees to receive a newsletter or information of a technical nature from the Rightholder to the email address provided during registration to the original site. Implementation of the Copyright Holder guidance related to the Service and is not contrary to the Agreement or the Regulations of the Service is necessary for the User.

2. Intellectual property rights

2.1. All intellectual property rights to the Service (including all components of the Service), excluding files and data posted by users of the service, assignee, and are protected by Russian legislation on intellectual property, international treaties and conventions in the field of copyright and related rights, as well as other laws.

2.2. Service is copyrighted and may not be copied to the User or third parties with a purpose. User or third parties do not have the right to create derivative works based on the Service.

3. Rights, obligations and prohibitions (limitations)

3.1. The user is solely responsible for all data and files it hosts or bring to the attention of other users by using the service.

3.2. The user is notified that the Service may include a variety of audio and / or video effects posted by other users, which, under certain circumstances, can cause in people who are prone to epilepsy or other disorders of the nervous nature, the aggravation of these conditions, and User guarantees that these disorders it does not suffer, or otherwise service agrees not to use. The user is hereby notified that regular long (continuous) finding in a personal computer or mobile prolonged use can cause different complications physical state including impaired vision, scoliosis, various forms of neuroses and other negative effects on the body. The user guarantees that he will use the Service only for a reasonable time, with breaks for rest or other measures for the prevention of disability, if any User recommended or prescribed.

4. services.

4.1. The User agrees to follow all instructions that are provided to the Service by the order and methods of payment of such services and the procedure for their use.

4.2. The right holder shall not be liable for the correctness of execution of the user of the terms of payment of services of Service, both are outside the control of the Rightholder. Obtaining the Service User may subject User data payment services, and the rightholder is entitled to provide such services is not to obtain a confirmation of payment for services provided in a limited volume or restrict users receive the Service.

5. Personal Information

5.1. Any personal information the User provided by the copyright holders in the Service registration or otherwise in the interaction of the Parties to the Agreement, deposited with the Copyright Holder solely for the purposes of implementation of the Agreement and is not transmitted to third parties, except for the need of execution of the Agreement or in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation.

5.3. User agrees that the provided services may change, delete the data provided by the User and User files and uses the specified service at your own risk.

5.4. In some cases the right holder is entitled to transfer user data that violates the Agreement or applicable law, the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation and other states.

6. Responsibility.

6.1. The Service is provided for use "as is"( "As is"). Copyright Holder does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of the Service, the Service of freedom from viruses or other harmful components. This user has found an error or flaw in the work of the Service, shall report its stock of rights holders and not to use it for conditions not envisaged by the Agreement and the Rules of Service Service capabilities.

6.2. Service may not be available at any time, and possible interruptions in access to it. The right holder shall have the right to close, suspend and / or limit the functionality of the Service or at any time without notice to Users.

6.3. The right holder shall not be liable to User for any direct and / or indirect damages (such as actual damages and lost profits) that may arise from the User in connection with the use of the Service or the inability to use the Service, the actions of third parties, temporary technical failures and interruptions in the work of the Service. Losses for the occurrence or existence of which the rightholder shall not be liable to User, include, but are not limited to, the following: damages caused by the loss of confidential or other information, breaks in a commercial or industrial activity, damage to health, violation of privacy, failure to any obligation, including the obligation to act in good faith and with reasonable care, the damages caused by negligence, damages caused by unforeseen circumstances or reasons beyond the control of the copyright owner, any other damage and other losses of property or otherwise.

6.4. The user is solely responsible for the acts committed with the use of his account that you created during registration, as well as for the introduction of third parties, using their account, the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Service Rules and their compliance with this person. If there is reasonable suspicion of the breach of security, including without limitation the kidnapping, loss or unauthorized disclosure of password, the user must immediately notify the Legal owner of the detected infringement.

6.6. The user is solely responsible for the content of files and placed them in the Service. The legal owner is not responsible for the content of the files and users, use the service.

6.7. In case of violation of the Service Agreement or use rights of users can be immediately, without notice, been denied access to the Service.

7. Final Provisions.

7.1. Rightholder reserves the right to change the size and method of charging for the use of services of the Service, as well as introducing new types of card, full information on which is available on the web site https://www.videomaster.org/.

7.3. The User is obliged each time before entering the service to check the Agreement for changes.

7.4. The agreement is valid from the date of acceptance by clicking its icon, you "accept the Terms of Use" at the site https://www.videomaster.org/

7.5. If any provision of the Agreement is found unenforceable or illegal, the remaining provisions of the Agreement remain in full force and effect.

7.6. Any dispute the parties to the Agreement shall be settled in accordance with applicable international law and Russian legislation.

7.7. All communication in the framework agreement is carried out in Russian and the language that was used version of the website when you make the application.

I confirm that I have read (-la) and understand (s) the Agreement, and agree (-on) so that, carrying on https://www.videomaster.org/ registration and use of the Service, I hereby certify my agreement to comply with the conditions of the Agreement.

RULES BM (an integral part of the user agreement)

Creating applications. It should identify the main characteristics of the desired video product using standard options, or by offering its own version.

To ensure that the quality of the finished video product has been high, the load on the site BM-quality source material. The quality of the raw material is directly dependent on the quality of the finished product. VM in advance would like to apologize to those customers whose wishes expressed in the specifications (hereinafter TK), can not be performed due to the poor quality of the original footage. The preliminary cost of the order and terms of manufacturing video product are calculated automatically when you make an application.

Refrain from posting the video, disgust, infringing on privacy, insulting, compromising or otherwise violate the rights of third parties, containing scenes of violence, incitement to overthrow the government and the constitutional order, pornography, obscenity, advocating immoral, antisocial, bullying, obscene or disgusting (unpleasant) action, incitement to ethnic, racial and religious hatred, to the manifestation of acts of intolerance to anyone whatsoever, to intolerance (intolerance) to commit a crime / offense to disturb the public order and moral and ethical rules, other materials and information prohibited by law. If you download the site of the original video containing this information, BM reserves the right to refuse to perform an order unilaterally permanently delete the downloaded content and blocking (remove) a user's account.

Selected Customer Online VM position affixed "tick" and other clicks expressing the wishes of the customer concerning the future of video product together are TK, to which apply the relevant rules of Sec. 37 of the Civil Code.

Making video product. Production video product occurs only via hardware and software the VM software. Any suggestions, Customer recommendations for use of other software or hardware of the Customer rejected. After checking the video provided by the customer on the presence / absence of forbidden information law, VCR or refuse Customer further cooperation, notifying the Customer by e-mail within three days from the date of the original video with the reasons of the decision or accepts the source video to work. The reasons for the possible non-cooperation can serve in the presence of video materials provided above is not recommended to place the Agreement and / or prohibited by law information, or poor quality of the raw material, which does not allow to create a video product, corresponding to the TOR. In the case of non-cooperation, provided by the customer removed the video. In the case of re-loading the site BM footage of inadequate quality or not recommended to place the Agreement and / or forbidden by law information, video content, and the Customer Account udalyayutsya.Zakazchik makes an advance payment of 10% of the pre-order price. VM starts creating video product immediately after receipt of an advance payment to the account of the Company. If the deposit does not come at the expense of the VM provided by the Customer is deleted footage, TK canceled.

Ready video product. When ready video product, the customer is directed to review its demo version, ie, a copy of the finished video product images with a resolution of 320x240 to 800x600 Mpix Mpix. (can be provided with water marks)

If necessary, the customer is making in the framework of TK. In this case, the availability date is transferred to the time limit agreed by the parties. In the event that the Customer provided demo version satisfies the customer makes the remaining amount of the order within three days and gets the finished video product with a resolution of the image, allowing full use of the video product for personal use. In case of violation of the three-day period of the final payment order, BM is entitled to charge the customer a penalty of 1% of the total price for each day of delay, and to present it for payment in a separate account (requirements), is a claim.

If after reviewing the demo version, the Customer makes a not specified in the terms of reference adjustments, it is considered a new TOR and paid for separately. In this case the Customer obligation to pay for the work already done and saved work on the new video products TK begins only after full payment of the order by the Customer prior to the procedure stipulated by this User Agreement. If after reviewing the demo version, the Customer makes a not specified in the ToR adjustments and do not pay an additional calculate the amount of the finished product, or completely refuses to purchase the finished video product in full resolution images, virtual machine exposes the Customer motivated calculation with the requirement to pay actually incurred in the course of manufacture its video product cost, which is the claim. Customer shall reimburse these expenses VM. After payment the customer actually incurred costs, removes the VM from the server all the original footage, and the Customer's account.

In accordance with Section 3 of st.434, p.3 st.438 Civil Code, 1, Clause 3 of the Tax Code st.169 placing an order on the Site services BM by phone, Internet, fax, mail, e-mail or SMS


Exclusive rights.