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1 Specify the planned name of a roller
2 You will choose a packet
3 Specify the planned roller duration
4 Add files in the necessary sequence
If video records which you wish to use in creation of the video already have been published earlier by you on the Internet on any resources allowing to share the link for downloading (For example Yandex the Disk, Google Drive, Dropbox), then you can specify links to download the files in the comment to the order.
5 You will choose registration
6 In addition
  1. Most in detail describe all the wishes concerning a video, its approximate scenario what personnel shall be present at a video if it is necessary to observe sequence of separate personnel - specify it.
  2. If a certain duration of a video is important - set exact values.
  3. Specify what there shall be an installation rhythm: smooth, normal or dynamic.
  4. Call musical composition which you would like to see as a musical substrate or just give an example of style and the direction which are pleasant to you.
  5. Describe expected prompts, captions. Give exact texts, the correct writing of surnames, names and so forth for credits. If it is necessary specify time and the place of their emergence in a roller.
  6. Set an example of a video which is pleasant to you.
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Specify e-mail by which the specialist will be able to contact you for refining of details of the order, and notifications on completion of works will also be sent.
Specify the password which you wish to use for access to a private office.
3 000 RUB
3 000 EUR
3 000 USD
  • The cost of the order in EUR and USD calculated at the official rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
14 days
In case of the choice of "Urgent work" completion date becomes twice less, but at least one day, at the same time the cost of works increases twice.